TalkCast 62 – Project Runaway Creations

Tonight’s Interview:  Dave Sanders & John Talarico of Runaway Creations talk about their newest game, Attraxxion, marketing in the 21 st. Century and the new apps they have under development.

To win a download of Attraxxion, comment on this podcast.  The Dome has thrown down the gauntlet for you to recast Buffy The Vampire Slayer with new talent.


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2 Responses to “TalkCast 62 – Project Runaway Creations”

  1. Okay, I got Attraxxion. Sounded cool and the game is cool.. But Angry Birds is better.. Because of the way the scoring and stars system works, you have to usually play levels multiple times to get three stars. This aspect is missing from Attraxxion, so there’s no reason to go back and re-do levels.

    I’ve had Angry Birds for months and I’m still not even close to getting perfect on everything. I burnt through ever level of Attraxxion in less than 4hrs.

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