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I’ve been Chucked

Also, What if John Wu had directed The Bionic Woman Pilot. And a Rachael Ray Update

On my Thursday Sept 6 post, I was a schmuck. In a taste test between Good Luck Chuck, the absolute BOMB of a movie and Chuck the television series that anchors Monday night for NBC, I made a horrendous choice in hoping that the FABULOUS BODY of Jessica Alba would be able to save yat another Poseidon-esque Dane Cook vehicle. Who the hell ever though Dane Cook was funny, or likeable, or engaging, or had any talent whatsoever? Well, evidently not even the smile of an angel could make this donkey fly and it was in and out of theatres so fast, the popcorn faux butter barely had time to congeal.

Fall Season Preview: The (yawn) Returning (yawn) Shows

Sure, for the past few years Sci Fi has enjoyed a Renaissance (goodness, I love them big wordies). Doctor Who, Heroes just to name a few but there have also been so big big budget shows that for the most part are …… no so good, and yet they keep annoying me by taking up valuable space on the schedule.

Monday Night Scorecard, Rachael Ray and the rest of the news

Monday night was a HOME-FREAKIN-RUN for NBC:
Chuck – B+
Heroes – SOLID A
Journeyman – B-

The reason Journeyman was the weakest was because I can see Chuck and Journeyman switching timeslots very very soon. It was one hell of a roller coaster ride night. Can’t say enough and hope this lineup lasts for a long time.

Monday Night is ALL NBC’s Night To Watch (and a personal plea to Rachael Ray)

It’s here, finally. The new season is about to embark and I, for on and ready, more than ready, BORN READY ! LET THE GAMES BEGIN. RELEASE THE HOUNDS! OK, so I am just a bit excited. Well, tonight is a good one and I don’t even have to do anything but hide the remote, cuz everything is on NBC.

Movies to watch out for – Jumper

Ok, first the factuals. This is a book by Stephen Gould (not to be confused with Stephen J. Gould, and if you did confuse the two, give yourself 5 points on the IQ scale)

The buzz is it will be directed by Doug Linman (all together now, “Who?”) and stars Hayden Christiansen. A Regency/Fox Production with a budget of about 100 million, and no word on who the CGI team will be. Screenplay adapted by David S. Goyer (again,” WHO?”).

Doctor Who, One GREAT Episode down and the Culmination of Season 3 begins AND some last minute thingies for The New Season.

One of the smartest episodes EVER in the current incarnation of the good doctor ran last Friday, Blink. If you didn’t see in catch the rerun. If you did, don’t even try to tell me how amazing it was. I know, I know. .. To me, it seemed like another perfect spin off, but then again, what the heck do I know?

A cool site on the web (besides this one) and why I Love New Years!

Rare as it is, occasionally I will recommend a web site to you that tickles me, and seeing that this is a family friendly site I will keep my recommendations far away from some of the more obvious sites we all know and avoid.. The site of the month is PALEO-FUTURE, one of the most interesting blogs I have seen in a long time.. PALEO-FUTURE takes one of my constant rants (What the hell happened to the flying car I was supposed to have by now) and shows you in a historical context what mainstream media of the time showed the populous what a wonderful world it would be. PALEO-FUTURE is visually stunning while holding a mirror to the naivety of the past as well as the hopes for a brighter future.

IRON MAN starring Morton Downey, Jr.

So, last night, I’m vegging in front of the TV, watching the Daily Show. Between the continuing Senator Craig Jokes and the continuing Iraq jokes, they push to a commercial break…….AND THERE IT IS…………. The two minute trailer for IRON MAN, opening May 2008. I was enthralled and went scrambling for my laptop to see what was on the net…….

Reader Mailbag – Too Many People Agree with Me that I AM An Idiot!

OK kids, on a fairly irregular basis, I will pretend to answer all the hate mail I get as well as the occasional love note.

On my series of articles about the Sci Fi network, John from Colorado wanted to know why I hated Mansquito. OK John, if in fact that is your real name, I have a list of things for you to do:

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2007 – How much could Chuck chuck, if Chuck was in movies and TV ?

Yes, I am an idiot. I am the same guy who loves ALF as one of the best sci fi TV shows EVER. I am the same guy who hated The White Album. I am indeed the same guy who thought Ron Goulart ghost wrote all the Shatner novels (oh wait, he did).

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