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Movies You May Have Missed: Free Enterprise

Take one part Swingers, two parts Clerks, add a plethora of sci-fi references and you have 1998’s Free Enterprise, a funny, witty comedy starring Eric McCormick, Rafer Weigel and William Shatner. Free Enterprise is the story of best friends Mark (played by McCormick) and Robert (played by Weigel) who are struggling to break into the […]

Apollo 18: A Review

At the start of the viral marketing campaign for Apollo 18, The Dome pointed out that found footage projects were a cheat in storytelling. While the marketing aspect plays a role in the overall experience of the film, I was curious to see if the film could hold it’s own as a space thriller.

Movies I Wish You Had Seen – Earth Girls Are Easy

It’s a hot Saturday night and you are in the mood for mindless entertainment. You could  go for a Jim Carey movie. You could go for one of the early Geena Davis/Jeff Goldblum  rom-coms. A Wayans Brothers slapstick might fill the bill. What the hell,mix all of the above with musical number or two and […]

Movies I Wish You Had Seen – Silent Running

The earth is overpopulated. Vast ecologies are being decimated by the influx of humans. How can we save earth? What must we do? Thus begins the parable of Freeman Lowell, space ecologist. Silent Running (1972) is a diatribe against the human condition, the lack of political will and the ultimate one man can make a […]

Movies I Wish You Had Seen – A Boy and His Dog

  So, what happens when a boy and his dog are among the myriad of victims of the apocalypse? In 1975, Harlan Ellison and L.Q. Jones adapted Ellison’s novella A Boy and His Dog for the screen.  Starring Don Johnson as the boy, Vic, and Tim McIntire as the voice of his dog, Blood, this […]

Movies I Wish You Had Seen – Timequest

It’s summer, and television sucks for the moment. The eventual lull in movies with the addition of the ever-present lack of audience manners that permeates the suburban movie-plexes leads me inexorably to my DVD collection for solace. There are any number of diversions for me, some well known, others… not so much. And so, from […]

Watching The Money – a Lurkers Guide to Silver Circle

It’s a rare moment when the fan community gets a look at the inner workings of a film from the ground up, rarer still when they are invited into the process. It was about 3 years ago, at Boston Comic Con that I first got introduced to Pasha and Megan and their unique concept for […]

Super 8: A Review

Super 8 is a fun-filled and action-packed superhero summer blockbuster. After eight superscientists are exposed to experimental hyper-nano radiation, each one manifests incredible superpowers. There’s Trickle, with the power of incessant dripping, Luminesca, who can always set a room to mood lighting, The Leveler, bringing your frames to straightened justice, Standoffish, always keeping evil to one […]

TalkCast 87 – L. Neil Smith

The reboot of the entire DC Universe. Fox to do King Kong animation from the gorilla POV. Britain ill equipped for the zombie apocalypse. British Film Board rejects Human Centipede II. Roy Skelton, voice of the Daleks, dies. Tron Legacy 2? Michael J. Fox to do voice in BTTF Video Game. Star Wars Kinect Game […]

Harlan Ellison’s Phoenix Without Ashes Review

Harlan Ellison’s graphic novel Phoenix Without Ashes is a story that grabs you by the collar and and wastes no time shoving you into the fray. Ellison pulls no punches in his first comic in fifteen years.

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