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TalkCast 179 – H P Mallory

The 2013 Inkwell Awards. Vote here. Boston Comic Con Update. Lovecraft and L’Engle get craters on Mercury. Will SyFy cancel Warehouse 13. Heroes to return on X-Box Marketplace. Poll: What is your favorite “Found Footage” movie. Tonight’s returning guest is author H P Mallory. She talks about book one in her new Lily Harper  series, […]

Apollo 18: A Review

At the start of the viral marketing campaign for Apollo 18, The Dome pointed out that found footage projects were a cheat in storytelling. While the marketing aspect plays a role in the overall experience of the film, I was curious to see if the film could hold it’s own as a space thriller.

The “Found Footage”™ Phenomenon Continues

The unofficial beginning of  the ‘found film” project was a devastatingly bad film called Cannibal Holocaust, a 1980 disasterpiece. Ever since the odd hit film The Blair Witch Project thrust this genre into the forefront, found film movies were somewhat of a stepchild in storytelling. It was considered a cheat somehow. I agree, it kind […]

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