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In Defense of the Outlandish

A frequent topic of conversation on SFSN involves the merits (or lack thereof) of new sci-fi series or movies.  In the broader universe of sci-fidom, some believe that that good science fiction must be based on only reasonable extrapolations of current scientific knowledge.  Others, myself included, believe that many of the best sci fi stories […]

TalkCast 73 – What’s That Thing?

RIP – Nicholas Courtmey RIP – Dwayne McDuffie Kriana introduces our new staff; Kaia, M.D. Christie and RdaneelOlivaw IGN posts Flame Bait – The “supposed” Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Top Cat in 3D…And SPANISH! Dear FOX, You take Fringe, move it to Friday, watch it die and walk away. Wanna read the last chapter of […]

Horror Hand in Hand With Humor

Repo! The Genetic Opera is the answer to High School Musical for sci-fi and horror geeks. For Darren Lynn Bousman, who directed many of the over-the-top Saw movies, Repo!’s morbidity is fairly tolerable: For every instance of gore there’s another of comedy, wrapped up in sing-along punk/cabaret lyric and dance. The opening theme song’s only […]

My First Post with Sci-Fi Saturday Night (Insert Scream Here)!!

Once again, a popular UK television series has found itself being remade for US audiences to enjoy. This time, the series is Being Human. Based on the BBC’s hit series, the US version of Being Human is being made by the SyFy Channel. According to the SyFy Channel website: “Syfy’s all-new drama series Being Human, […]

Witch and Wizard Makes Zombrarian…zzzzzzzzz

Title: Witch & Wizard Author: James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet Format: Paperback (available in tons of other formats too, including e-book) My aunt gave me Witch and Wizard as a Christmas gift because she knows about my obsessive love for the Hunger Games trilogy and had heard that Witch and Wizard was going to be […]

Rest easy, soldier: RIP Nicholas Courtney

Nicholas Courtney, known to generations of Dr. Who fans as “The Brigadier”, has passed away.  With him passes an era of Dr. Who that fans of the new Doctors will never know.  He was the Watson to the Doctor’s Holmes; a solid, stolid companion who stood on his own with no desire to chase after […]

TalkCast 72 – It’s Sexy Time with author HP Mallory

News tonight: Happy Birthday Sara Richard. Double Midnight Comics announces their new movie. Is Firefly coming back? Browncoats comment and so does Nathan Fillion. Harry Potter screenwriter to rewrite Akira. Superhero Dating? Sure! Who auditioned for Superman in the original Chris Reeve’s costume? Detroit gets a RoboCop Statue after all. Why is Green Hornet’s director […]

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have strong opinions? Do you voice said opinions loudly and eloquently? Do you leave essay length comments? Do you love science fiction, fantasy, horror, anime, streampunk, science or other generally geeky fun stuff? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions (but mostly the second and fourth) we want you to take […]

TalkCast 71 – InkBot

Still time to vote for Illustrator X at Talenthouse. Zombies on Glee. Thriller/Heads Will Roll Mashup. Bar Karma – What if Spider Robinson did TV? Tom Cruse lobbies for Mountains of Madness Nathan Fillion as the voice of Green Lantern, what will Ryan Reynolds do? Watson will kick Human Butt on Jeopardy. Was is “Series […]

Watson, come here. I want you.

Famous words spoken by Thomas Alva Edison carry a whole new meaning next week as Watson, the IBM computing system, will compete over 3 consecutive days against Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. Each of the human contestants will donate 50% of their earnings to charity and IBM will donate all of Watson’s winning. The winner […]

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