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Spider Returns

It is a wonderful day indeed when a fan gets the chance to meet an author, one on one, face to face. Well, if you are a Spider Robinson fan (if you read or listen to us you damn well better be) and you live anywhere near Vancouver, your pleas have been answered. Spider is […]

TalkCast 88 – Spider Robinson

In this interview, Spider and the entire cast hit on a range of topics. Ever the consummate gentleman, we discuss his beginnings and relationship with Ben Bova and Isaac Asimov, remember his wife Jeanne, how Mike Callahan was born, the state of politics, writing, music and whatever else wandered into the conversation. Join us as […]

TalkCast 71 – InkBot

Still time to vote for Illustrator X at Talenthouse. Zombies on Glee. Thriller/Heads Will Roll Mashup. Bar Karma – What if Spider Robinson did TV? Tom Cruse lobbies for Mountains of Madness Nathan Fillion as the voice of Green Lantern, what will Ryan Reynolds do? Watson will kick Human Butt on Jeopardy. Was is “Series […]

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