Ask yourself these questions:

by Don Martelli

  • Do you have strong opinions?
  • Do you voice said opinions loudly and eloquently?
  • Do you leave essay length comments?
  • Do you love science fiction, fantasy, horror, anime, streampunk, science or other generally geeky fun stuff?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions (but mostly the second and fourth) we want you to take part in Sci Fi Saturday Night. We’re looking for two or three (or ten or twenty) people to write posts on this very blog at regular intervals.

Here are some questions you might have at this point:

1. Where do I sign up?! – Send a writing sample, preferably of something relevant to this blog, to

2. What if I can’t think of anything to write about? – Seriously any sample will do, and we’re not above assigning ideas. If you need one, just ask! (but you’re not allowed to complain about what you get!)

3. I have friend XYZ who would be perfect, but they’ve never heard of you. What should I do? – For the sake of all that is good TELL THEM!

4. I have another question – why haven’t you thought of it and answered it? – Because I’m not psychic. E-mail me.

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