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8 Things I Am Currently Hating

1. I hate that People/Reviewers/Geeks /Fans refer to “Genre” Movies/TV/Books/Comix/Graphic Novels. When did things get so upper crust that we had to draw hard line distinctions between us and everyone else? I am old enough to remember when rock and roll was rock and roll and not 173 different flavors fom Trance to Inde, to […]

The Day The Earth Stood Still (and we don’t mean the WGA Strike) 2008

Hey kinds, let’s remake another classic! Never mind that the subtext is irrelevant. Never mind that the original characters were stereotypes. Never mind that Michael Rennie was both warm and chilling in his portrayal of Klaatu.   We used to have a game here at SCIFICO. We would sit around in moments of relaxation/despair/angst and […]

Who are New Hampshire’s heroes?

In case you didn’t know, SciFiCo is proudly located in the first-primary-in-the-nation Granite State itself, New Hampshire.  Kudos and accolades to you, you think, but wait — did you know that we have our very own superhero team?  That’s right!  See, when Marvel wrapped up its “Civil War” last year, it was decided that every […]

The Stanley Kowalski Effect , or Howard Beale Was Right. As Far Off Frackin Topic As I Can Get

I am sick of this. To which “this” am I referring to today? Could it be the untimely death/suicide/overdose of “veteran” actor Heath Ledger? Nope. Could it be the economy of the US spiraling into the crapper as the less then 1% grows richer and richer? Nope. I am mad as hell and I’m not […]

You Had Me At Blowfish – Torchwood Season 2

All right kiddies, Lets begin with some differences between what was seen in the UK and what might be seen on BBC America. In the UK 2 versions are run, a family friendly version at 8:00pm and the real deal hardcore version later in the evening.

TORCHWOOD SEASON 2 developing…stay tuned

Capt. Jack, James Marsters, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! full disclosure with mutiple spoilers asap! Life is Good

Sarah Conner Kicks ASS!

Last  night was Episode 2 of The Sarah Conner Chronicles, letting it settle into its timeslot (9pm EST). Well kiddies, this is just good fun at its television best.. There are some rules that must be obeyed to completely enjoy this new guilty pleasure. Rule #1 – T3 never existed at all. Fogetaboutit. Didn’t happen. […]

I Hate Stupid People Who Write

So today I am surfing the net when I come across an article by Mark Harris (and of course the first thing I can think of is the guy who is always on Howard Stern, once married to Martha Ray…. And…no, it’s not THAT guy) and the ever so provocative title is Is Sci-Fi Out […]

The Inevitable Look Back

Entertainment Weekly magazine has a website which this week is counting down the TOP 25 SCI-FI. Amusement forced me to check it out., nausea was my reward. For those of you not needing their collective stomachs pumped, here are some of the lowlights: # 25 – V The Television Series and following Sucktastic Made for […]

First post of 2008

Welcome to the first post of 2008, the year in which, if we can believe the hype, “everything changes”! At least, that’s what Marvel and DC are hyping, but so what? Marvel just decided to erase two decades of continuity by having the Devil change history so that Peter Parker and Mary Jane never got married. That means, every single Spider-Man comic you bought over the last two decades — TWENTY YEARS WORTH OF COMICS — never happened. So sorry. Please throw them all away.

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