You Had Me At Blowfish – Torchwood Season 2

All right kiddies, Lets begin with some differences between what was seen in the UK and what might be seen on BBC America. In the UK 2 versions are run, a family friendly version at 8:00pm and the real deal hardcore version later in the evening.

Torchwood, season 2 has some new additions, in the opening episode we meet the first, James Marsters of Buffy/Angel fame sans the electric white hair but with the faux accent as Capt. John Hart. His interplay with Capt. Jack as an equal, also not to be trusted, is both invigorating and disturbing, Who the hell could ask for a better combination? Jacks reintegration back into the team is hampered both by lingering resentment at his untimely disappearance as his lust/love for Gwen is iced by Gwen’s engagement whilst he was gone saving the alternate universe in Doctor Who. Jacks androgyny is put to the test between his pull between Gwen and John ending with him asking Ianto out at the end of the episode. Amidst the conflicting timelines, forced sexuality and willing suspension of technological belief, you get caught in Jacks smile and it all gels.

For a Season 2 opener this is just pure fun with lots of foreshadowing. First, yes Marsters is back, as if we didn’t already know it. Second the appearance next week of Freema Agyeman as the wonderful Martha Jones puts this in the “I CAN’T WAIT category. Third and perhaps most interesting for those of us on the east rim of the pond is which version BBC America will play
Lets all see together.
This is Dome saying” Hey, watch out for that duck”!

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