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Glamourpuss targets an audience of zero

My local comic store owner was kind enough to lend me his dealer’s copy of the upcoming Glamourpuss #1, the latest release from the fertile imagination of Dave Sim. Gotta tellya folks, this is exactly what he warned us he’d be doing —- amazing drawings of women alongside whatever stream-of-consciousness happened to pop up in […]

First post of 2008

Welcome to the first post of 2008, the year in which, if we can believe the hype, “everything changes”! At least, that’s what Marvel and DC are hyping, but so what? Marvel just decided to erase two decades of continuity by having the Devil change history so that Peter Parker and Mary Jane never got married. That means, every single Spider-Man comic you bought over the last two decades — TWENTY YEARS WORTH OF COMICS — never happened. So sorry. Please throw them all away.

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