Glamourpuss targets an audience of zero

My local comic store owner was kind enough to lend me his dealer’s copy of the upcoming Glamourpuss #1, the latest release from the fertile imagination of Dave Sim. Gotta tellya folks, this is exactly what he warned us he’d be doing —- amazing drawings of women alongside whatever stream-of-consciousness happened to pop up in his head that day while he was toasting his bagel.

It doesn’t work.

Yes, the artwork is GORGEOUS. Makes me wish I had a fraction of that talent. Unfortunately, there is no story, no plot; not even a sense that caption B should be placed somewhere on the page to indicate it follows caption A. The main thread of the issue is an analysis of Alex Raymond’s art styles on the series “Rip Kirby”. Hey, I guess when you’ve retired, you can write about whatever the hell you want.

In a way, this almost reminds me of Rick Veitch’s series “Rare Bit Fiends”, which was his dream diary in comic book form. That didn’t make much sense either but I suppose dreams don’t have to. Still, Rare Bit Fiends had a fairly decent run before Veitch packed it in for the glory of working on Aquaman for DC. Let me reiterate: the last comic that was like Glamourpuss was shelved because the creator found a better gig on “Aquaman”.

No matter what, I guess that Dave’s earned his retirement after his historic 300 issue run on Cerebus. I just wish his current project was one that I’d actually like to read.

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