Media Newspeak or He, Who Smelt It, Dealt It.

 The Orwellian nightmare that began for us with the “Mission Accomplished” banner now asserts it’s evil snout into our little niche of the blogosphere. Television, as a main source of sustenance for us, is finding itself at a crossroads: accepted rules of engagement no longer apply, what made sense no longer does and here we are as the main consumers of most of this tripe, waiting for the goodness. As Theodore Sturgeon wrote, “90% of everything is shit……garbage,,,,,,. um…..crap. If it wasn’t there would be no way to know what the good stuff really was!”

In this Brave New World, things are what we are told they are, regardless of the underlining facts. Everything is wonderful; never mind the 90% rule. At this point, you are rightfully wondering what this has to do with Sci Fi. In a nutshell, media of all kinds is weighing in on Sci Fi, the Writers Strike aftermath, and a myriad of topics all designed to let them tell you what is good. Bran is good for you. A healthy love life is good for you. Exercise is good for you. TELEVISON IS ENTERTAINMENT. For gods sake kids, we have people dying in mismanaged wars, we have hundreds of thousands of  housing foreclosures annually and an economy that has been brutally pillaged and  raped…..but what are we worrying about?


I spent 5 hours this past week watching children cry because they were sent home on American Idol. 5 FRACKIN HOURS! Between obsessing about Jericho, and Torchwood and when the FRACK MY SHOWS ARE COMING BACK ON………… I seem to have lost the big picture.


No more Reality Programming

I will spend an equal amount of time with family and with new HD wide screen tv (not gonna happen)

Get serious about shows that matter and feign disdain about those I dislike.

No More Newspeak Allowed, Everyone will say what they mean.

On that note:

The Good, The Bad and The Smelly



Pushing Daisies

The Sarah Conner Chronicles               All got a good start and will most likely be rebooted in the fall

Heroes                                                 Fall Reboot

Lost                                                     running now, ratings ? 4 Ross Perots

BBC AMERICA/Torchwood           um…’s too good for us to watch, so watch it.


Jericho  may be the end, oh wait that was the story line, wasn’t it?


Cavemen 10 Ross Perots

So Let’s not make this the whole reason for existence. As William Shatner said, “Get a life”.

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