The Inevitable Look Back

Entertainment Weekly magazine has a website which this week is counting down the TOP 25 SCI-FI. Amusement forced me to check it out., nausea was my reward. For those of you not needing their collective stomachs pumped, here are some of the lowlights:

# 25 – V The Television Series and following Sucktastic Made for Vomit movies.

Are you kidding me? How in the name of God does this fall on ANY best of Anything list?

# 23 – Doctor Who (1963 to Present)

Explain how David Tennent and what the hell’s his name from 1876 who played him with a scarf can be compared in any way whatsoever and/or all lumped together as if it is all one product, WHICH IT ISN’T.

# 17 – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I AM GONNA PUKE ON MY DVD OF Silent Running right now, excuse me.

# 6 – Brazil

OK, you got one.

# 3 – Blade Runner

OK you got two.

# 1 – The Matrix

What the hell are you sniffing?

Here is just a small part of what was overlooked.

In the past 25 years

The Star Wars Saga

My god, is there a more seminal series that brought Sci Fi to the mainstream? Oh, and while we are at it, how about

Raiders of the Lost Ark, or

ALF, or

Lost in Space, or

Look you get the idea, so here’s the plan. For the next few weeks, email us with YOUR Pick for the Best of the Past 25 Years, and I promise not to make too much fun of you when I publish them in early February. You can use the contact link on the page or email me directly at

This is Dome saying, “I’m sick of Stan Lee” (don’t know why I said that. I think it may have been bad clams)

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