I Hate Stupid People Who Write

So today I am surfing the net when I come across an article by Mark Harris (and of course the first thing I can think of is the guy who is always on Howard Stern, once married to Martha Ray…. And…no, it’s not THAT guy) and the ever so provocative title is Is Sci-Fi Out of Ideas? Because I have a strong (and rather overlarge) stomach, I made the attempt to read this person who is clearly from the outside looking in. I forced myself to read the article in its entirety and I am forced to admit ….YES, “HOLLYWOOD” IS TOO FRIGHTENED TO COME UP WITH ANY NEW IDEAS, SCI-FI OR OTHERWISE. This article points to I Am Legend as being redone. To quote the article “..there are no new ideas….”.

Dear Mr. Harris,

Bullshit. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should not have to cite chapter and verse of what is up and coming, but take a look at some of the amazing stuff being done right now Take a gander at Transformers, Jumper or any one of a dozen releases that, while to some degree depend on the past,, others like Cloverfield are a full body ride. The stupidity of saying, and I quote from that steaming pile of Goat clusters, ”Ideally, sci-fi’s next rescuer should be someone whose ideas about the future derive from somewhere — anywhere — other than old sci-fi.”, is at worst nauseating and at best worthy of a lobotomy, proving in stark detail exactly whats wrong with outsiders who have the uncanny need to pontificate on what might be best for Sci-Fi. One of the hallmarks I have always preached to the massive masses is READ, DAMN IT! There is too much crap and garbage assaulting the senses and without a clear background in what has happened. Over the years I have gleaned a keen appreciation of the Grand Masters and what they have brought to the table (quite frankly, I am still waiting for someone to re-option Stranger In A Strange Land).

I was having a discussion/argument with my brother-in-law over the holidays. While sympathetic about the high usurious price of oil, his idea was to boycott one Oil Company a month and “cripple them”. When I tried to talk to him about how alternate technolgies had been systematically killed by K Street, Congress and Big Business for the past 40 years, he replied, “ I don’t care about the past. It doesn’t mean anything. We need to do something now.” Those that ignore the past are doomed to repeat it, Mr. Harris. If perhaps you bothered to learn to read what you write about, you might have an informed opinion.

This is Dome, anxiously awaiting The Munsters Reunion Movie (a big Butch Patrick fan)

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