Sarah Conner Kicks ASS!

Last  night was Episode 2 of The Sarah Conner Chronicles, letting it settle into its timeslot (9pm EST). Well kiddies, this is just good fun at its television best.. There are some rules that must be obeyed to completely enjoy this new guilty pleasure.

Rule #1 – T3 never existed at all. Fogetaboutit. Didn’t happen. Accept it and move on to….

Rule #2 – Timelines are tenuous, so don’t hold onto them and expect them to carry any weight. Let the timelines move at their own pace and all will become evident.

Rule #3 – Willing suspension of disbelief is required from the moment the opening credits start.


That having been said, this is one freakin fun show. It brings some very slick acting by Summer Glau (more about her later) and Thomas Dekker (Heroes) as a man/boy and his protector/robot search for a way to save the future. Lena Headey as crazy mom Sarah is a virtual clone of Linda Hamilton from the movies and lookin as great.


Summer Glau is a wonderful actress. I first got into her work watching Firefly and Serenity where she played the beautifully damaged River Tam and was ultra-compelling. It was interesting to see her next major role as Tess in The 4400, quite frankly another damaged child/woman. As you watch the body of her, as yet, young work, you find her a dichotomy, and there ain’t no better 3 dollar word to describe her. At the same time young, seemingly innocent face, soft and fragile, and yet able to kill without second thought to protect John. Summer is brilliantly cast and hovers on the line of mechanical responses and true innocence. I’m liking her more and more. OK, I’m in Robot Love.


Thomas Decker I have been vaguely aware of since Star Trek Voyager, but got to know when someone in my family has this unholy obsession with 7th Heaven ( don’t ask, please) and this cute boy, Vincent, was trying to..OH GOD>>>>NEVER MIND. In any case, the next time I saw him was in Heroes as the Cheerleaders boy friend. When that character was phased out, as many were in Heroes, He was cast for this. Not bad, not bad at all.


Lena Headey is the wild card, being a Brittish film actress. WOW, what a body……. of work. To get her for this series is quite the coup, but if it gets picked up it may become a problem, as she has 2 movies in pre and 1 in post for 2008.


So, that’s your rundown for this exciting and fun new show that I have been touting since ComiCon 2007. This is Done saying, them robarts is hinkey, in all the right places.

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