8 Things I Am Currently Hating

1. I hate that People/Reviewers/Geeks /Fans refer to “Genre” Movies/TV/Books/Comix/Graphic Novels. When did things get so upper crust that we had to draw hard line distinctions between us and everyone else? I am old enough to remember when rock and roll was rock and roll and not 173 different flavors fom Trance to Inde, to Southern Rap. My God Kids. There ain’t enough good stuff out there as it is, so lets stop trying to box it into neat little cubbyholes, OK!!!! The “Is It Genre” Litmus Test is officially dead as of today.


2. The AMPTP’s intractable position with the WGA has made television impossible to watch and movies currently in production have been crippled. When this strike eventually ends, someone needs to pay, and let me tell you it isn’t the writers guild. GOD, MAKE FRACKIING TV BETTER NOW!


3. Ruining books when you make them into pictures (not including picture books). This weaks example, Jumper. I give it 5 out of 5 Ross Perot’s (yes, kids, it is that giant sucking sound) READ THE FRACKIN BOOK, YOU ILLTERATE HOLLYWEED MORONS!


4. I suppose I will have to accept the fact that most if not all of my TV show are going into the dumper because of the strike, but where are the good movies? The Spiderwick Chronicles? Are you serious? My last hope for this month is Christina Ricci’s Penelope, just for the sheer visual comfort.


5. Lena Headey (Sarah Conner Chronicles) was on Letterman last night. There is a god and thank Him/Her for giving us eyes, she was an absolute vision and talked a bit about the show. It was fun fluff, the best kind.


6. Eli Stone premieres tonight. My hope is that it doesn’t go the way of that other show that had singing in Las Vegas. My other hope is that in the long run, there will be a long run, because there are too many medical dramas on right now. We could use a show about a hallucinatory prophet. (There has been way too much talking to God in this post, I shall try to contain myself.


7. The complete StarGate SG-1 Series Collection is now available with all 214 episodes from all 10 seasons and 171 hours of viewing goodness. I can die happy now, because I AM NEVER GONNA BUY THAT! NO K, I DO NOT WANT THIS FOR KWANZA!


8. I am sick of all the Star Trek Hate. Shat isn’t in it, GET OVER IT. It’s a reboot. How many other franchises have done this in the past few years, Its not a bad idea, the ones that fail, fail from poor execution, PERIOD. As a side note, many of the feature players have a 3 movie stipulation in their contracts so…………..


9.Sal The Stockbroker


This is Dome. saying, this has been a awful week with no signs of it getting better.

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