Eli Stone- Too many smarmy ideas come to mind for this title

The Particulars:


Johnny Lee Miller         Eli Stone

Natasha Henstridge      The Girfriend/daughter of the boss

Matt Letsher                 Eli’s brother, the convenient Neurosurgeon.

OK, so I’m watching the première of Eli Stone, and I have a few questions.


Question 1. I know this is the set-up for what may well be a very short run series. How many times can you play the “is it an aneurism or is he indeed a prophet” card? Why can’t Hollyweed come up with any new ideas?  This is a self test question. The answer is; every time Hollyweed comes up with a new idea its gets kicked in the nuts.


Question 2. Episode 1 deals with the set-up of this series covered in the gooey goodness of had a vaccine caused autism in a child. The furor has not been about the god-like nature of the series premise, but the yelling has been about the warring factions on the Vaccinate-DON’T Vaccinate your kid. While I am more than sympathetic to what is happening out there, IS A TV SERIES REALLY THE BEST PLACE TO GET YOUR CURRENT MEDICAL INFORMATION? My personal physician, Dr. Vinnie Boonbatz, has told me repeatedly I should only get my current medical information from magazine inserts and infomercials. I am much more intrigued by the idea of a modern day prophet. A casual stroll thru any urban sprawl will bring you within close proximity to any number of individuals whom in earlier,”less enlightened” times, might be called prophets, now we, so much more sophisticated humans, know them to be mentally ill. Let’s take a look at this premise. Is Eli ill, or is he just one of those ……you know, the old Moses complex?


This show is a cute ride and needs the time to see if it will pan out or not. Currently 6 episodes in the can, and the writers strike will determine its fate


This is Dome saying according to the last infomercial I saw, if it last for more than 4 hours, call a medical professional.

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