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Hey Look – Is that The Dome in Space?

Indeed it could be. A new NASA promotion will allow you or me or anyone to put their name or likeness in space on one of the remaining 2 shuttle missions. By going here, it gives you all the directions to have a likeness of you and your puppy, Waldo,or whatever on a selected mission. When […]

What Happened To Sarah?

What exactly is What Happened To Sarah? Visitors to have been asking this question for over a week now, and the buzz is growing.  At first glance, it seems like a typical short sci-fi film:  a young woman wakes up, pads downstairs and down a hill to a lake where… something… is waiting for […]

Alan Moore and the Pipes of Doom, or “Beware! It Sings”!

As you’ve probably heard, Alan Moore has taken yet another break from his perpetually-forthcoming treatise on magick (and yes, that is actually spelled right, look it up) to release his own magazine, Dodgem Logic.  This magazine not only contains comics by the esteemed Mr. Moore, but also artwork from his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen collaborator […]

V & November Sweeps

What can I say? If you were a fan of the original series, you were waiting for this reboot. With no World Series game on last night, and very light competition, the ratings were “good”, BUT you have only 4 episodes and then you wait until March or April to see the rest.  On the […]

Science Fiction-Science Fact: Our Burgeoning Societal Stupidity

One of the things I do besides spending way too much time reading, writing, watching TV and movies and perusing the internet is looking for the oddities of the universe.  One of these is the mystery of Easter Island, the myriad of stone carvings, what they represent and how they were carved and placed……and on […]

And Now, it’s Time to Play…..WHATS THAT SMELL!

This simply cannot end well. While perusing the Interwebs, I stumbled across what I inadvertently thought was a joke. Well cadets, the joke is on me, this stuff is real. At first I thought about the possibility of smelling like James T. Kirk and became mildly disgusted. My personal favorite is Pon Farr Perfume […]

Pay No Attention To That Blur In Your Reality

About 15 years ago I had the pleasure to interview Betty Hill, THE BETTY HILL of the Incident at Exeter the “supposed first “abduction” to be verified. For those of you, ignorant of the base story, look it up and don’t use the wikipedia, read a damn book. Anyhow, this was brought back to the […]

Link of the Day: DANGER!! May Not Be Safe for Work

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time Enjoy and thanks for the chuckles. Kudos.

Capricorn 1 Redeux – Or maybe not UPDATED

 So let’s all go back to a simpler time, before OJ “didn’t” kill his wife, before James Brolan  didn’t marry “her”, before  we faked that whole moon landing thing just to screw with the Russians (who can forget the smoldering sensuality of Karen Black?). So, there we were, Hu-Mans looking out on the vast universe, […]

2008-Clarke and Laine

In December 2007, on the occasion of his 90th. Birthday, Arthur C Clarke sent a message to the world via You Tube. In it, he discussed what mankind could become over the next century and the foolishness we have perpetrated on one another during the past millennium.  In March, 2008, he passed away and those […]

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