What Happened To Sarah?

What exactly is What Happened To Sarah? Visitors to www.whathappenedtosarah.com have been asking this question for over a week now, and the buzz is growing.  At first glance, it seems like a typical short sci-fi film:  a young woman wakes up, pads downstairs and down a hill to a lake where… something… is waiting for her.  What is it?  What happened?  There are damnably few clues.  And that’s the point of this film — we don’t know.  As a first chapter, it’s a great intro; you’re intrigued and want to learn more about this woman and what that… thing… is.  And no, it doesn’t hurt that we first see her (ahem) getting out of bed.  But the director seems to be taking great care to linger on seemingly innocent items, like a business card with… is that website info?  And Sarah’s college shirt — Thelema?  Is this a deliberate Crowley reference?   If so, it’s a welcome replacement from Miskatonic University, where every sci-fi fan of the past fifty years has apparently graduated from.  Speaking of references, people are already making comparisons between What Happened To Sarah? and Twin Peaks, or 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Myself, I am strongly reminded of the cult classic Picnic At Hanging Rock, in which three young girls disappear under mysterious and ambiguous circumstances.  Picnic At Hanging Rock is a film so good that it makes you like the Zamfir soundtrack, and there’s every indication that What Happened To Sarah? will follow suit.

Do yourself a favor and check out What Happened To Sarah? — and see where the mystery takes you.

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