Science Fiction-Science Fact: Our Burgeoning Societal Stupidity

One of the things I do besides spending way too much time reading, writing, watching TV and movies and perusing the internet is looking for the oddities of the universe.  One of these is the mystery of Easter Island, the myriad of stone carvings, what they represent and how they were carved and placed……and on and on.

I came across this story in a random sort of way:

and was more than a little bemused. While it spread a little light on why they are here, it did give some important and valuable insight on how they were produced. There is nothing else I have ever seen in my life that has made me feel so small in the universe. Granted the article asks more questions than it answers, but where I begin to lose my lunch is when I scroll down to see the comments from the vast unwashed, uneducated, uninformed and uncaring illiterate. The unabashed stupidity is just not to be believed.

We live in a time when the written word seems to mean little, if nothing anymore. We live in a society where blame is more important than cure, where hatred is more valued than peace, where bloodshed is the norm. I have little hope for a future in which division and hatred is the key aspect of daily life. I have no hope for a world in which cultural imperialism takes the place of respect. We, as a planet, have been living under the spectra of global destruction since the 1950’s. Be it the A Bomb, The Cold War, loss of key natural resources, the pollution of our oceans and land, Love Canal or climate change the sword has been at our necks and our stupidity as a society will certainly be its downfall. Check out the comments at the end of this article and be prepared to vomit

This is Dome, sayin’: Duck and Cover.

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