Pay No Attention To That Blur In Your Reality

About 15 years ago I had the pleasure to interview Betty Hill, THE BETTY HILL of the Incident at Exeter the “supposed first “abduction” to be verified. For those of you, ignorant of the base story, look it up and don’t use the wikipedia, read a damn book. Anyhow, this was brought back to the forefront of my feeble mind because I have a friend who is a co-founder of the Granite State Skeptics

They are a small group who refuse to blur this line between reality and never never land, and there is more than enough blurring going on in this, our modern world. This item on their website:

got me to listen to that old podcast still available on this website. There is a fine line between being a skeptic and a luddite and this group is finding that line. The Exeter UFO Fest is a family event and although it is scattered with some “expert” symposia, the children’s chalk drawings of aliens is more fitting for this day. If you wish, take a moment to listen to Betty Hill, with an open mind. Be the skeptic, but listen to her.

I applaud The Granite State Skeptics, and wish them well.

This is Dome sayin’ Klatu, Barada Nikto

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