Mickey? I would like you to meet Hulk. You two have a lot to talk about.

I remember, years ago, when visiting Disneyworld Orlando, and hearing a marching band playing the Muppet Show Theme, signifying that Disney has just bought out Hensen studios. Since then, The Muppets have never been the same.

Well Cats and kiddies, get ready for the homogenization of Marvel comics as Disney is about to spend 4 BILLION FREAKIN DOLLARS to acquire it. The deal includes the ownership of some 5000 seminal characters, among them The X-Men and Fantastic 4. They will now reside in the same company as Hanna Montana and High School Musical.  Could Hanna fall in love with Ironman. Is it possible that Mickey will show in the new Avengers Movie? A love duo with Namor and Ariel, Bruce Banner and Jasmine or perhaps Magneto and Cruella DeVille?

Here is the real question. Do we, as consumers, want a sanitized version of the cadre of super-heroes we have come to love?

This is Dome, throwing up.

Mickey Hulk

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