Science Fiction- Science Fact: Robotics

Here’s what’s going on in the world. While we in the USA are arguing about Death Panels and Universal Health Care, to the detriment of our population, Japan has been working. The Venda International Robot Research and Development Centre, which opened in May 2009 has unveiled some amazing work this week. The Centre is a joint venture between Japanese robot maker Tmsuk and 10 other universities. Oddly enough, the US seems not to have been included. I guess the world really is flat.

First off is a motorized wheelchair which resembles more o f a 3 wheeled scooter than the conventional style. This chair allows greater mobility and less work from caregivers, and is a huge leap from Dean Kamin’s impressive invention of stair climbing wheelchair.

Also this week, they unveiled a “Robot Suit” (don’t think Iron Man) which allows easier walking. It’s really analogous to Heinleins Waldoes . Use this as a warning to readers of this blog. We are becoming a Third World Country

This is Dome sayin’….as Ben Bova said “Science Fiction is simply history that hasn’t happened yet”.

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