Capricorn 1 Redeux – Or maybe not UPDATED

 So let’s all go back to a simpler time, before OJ “didn’t” kill his wife, before James Brolan  didn’t marry “her”, before  we faked that whole moon landing thing just to screw with the Russians (who can forget the smoldering sensuality of Karen Black?). So, there we were, Hu-Mans looking out on the vast universe, pondering our place as we played “Our Nazi Scientists can beat Your Nazi Scientists” with the Russians, and, lo and behold, we did. And among our players in this most amazing game were the revered Astronauts. To this day names such as Alan Shepard and John Glenn remind us of our Glory Days( for those of us old enough to remember, that is).One name you may be no so familiar with is Dr. Edgar Mitchell a space veteran having flown the Apollo 14 mission. Well, in an interview,,23599,24070088-13762,00.html

he feeds every single conspiracy rumor one might have ever believed.

1.Aliens exist

2. Aliens look just like the modern mythology suggests

3. Roswell was just what we all thought it was

4. They have been among us for over 60 years

This is the same man who walked on the moon and has the record for the longest space walk.

I am going into my closet, closing the door and cowering in the corner for a while , and try to digest this.

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