TalkCast 527 – Area 51 – The Helix Project Episode 5 Kickstarter

In tonights ‘Cast we get to spend some quality time with old friend Trevor Fernandez-Lenkiewicz just prior to the kickoff of the Kickstarter of Issue Five of Area 51 – The Helix Project. This is the ongoing project that we have followed from its inception and covered in many previous ‘casts. It has been a ton of fun for us here to watch this build and grow and talk with Trevor along the way. Join us all as we look back on the past two years and also look forward to what may be coming up for Pocket Watch Press.

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TalkCast 526 – What Can Be Said About Dr. Jekyll Alien Hunter?

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As it turns out, quite a bit.  We got to learn about this project about 8 months ago from Dr. Bruce when he dropped the title talking about another project in Talkcast 503. So now we get to finally meet gifted new artist Julia Kazasnowska (in a live feed from Poland) and discuss the project from inception to fruition and how the collaboration will continue with future projects including animation and a second graphic novel. We also got a chance to talk about the editor George Verongas, Gary and Laura Dumm and Harvey Pekar. It’s an eclectic mix of influences that brings Hanna Jekyll’s story to like. Enjoy the chaos!

Dr. Bruce Olav Solheim


Julia Kazanowska


Geroge Verongos


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TalkCast 525 – I Get It, The Earth Is A F**ked Up Place

It’s a funny thing about wars in space. Just when you think you know who you’re fighting, you learn you just might be mistaken. This is kind of where we pick up the narrative with David E. Kelly, author of Kwelengsen Dawn: Logan’s World, Book Two, because, to abuse the olde joke, there really were just so damn many unanswered questions in Book One. And that, dear listeners, is where tonight’s conversation begins.The guarantee is not that all the queries will be answered, for surely (and don’t call him Shirley) they will not, however, once again David provides interesting insight into the characters and plot development as well as where book three may well lead. Capt Cam once again provides amusing counterpoint as well as a smashing new recipe for Cambodian Stuffed Groat Clusters. 

TalkCast 524 – It’s Sherbet Night and Richard’s Here

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On the ‘Cast tonight is a great friend and wonderful writer, Richard Paolinelli, here to talk about book two in the Starquest 4th. Age Adventure Series: Galen’s Blade. This book has everything a reader wanted in a sequel; terse precise writing that advances a gripping story quickly and efficiently with wonderful engaging characters and a plot that keeps the reader engaged and guessing throughout the story. Time and time again, Richard brings his writing abilities to the forefront and delivers a compelling continuation of book one with the sly smirk of a carnival barker, always having something up his sleeve, so, of course, when the book ends we readers are left wanting  and waiting for the promised books 3 and 4 to wrap this saga up within the “Starquest” saga. As impatient as I am for the rest of this story, I am content with this next tale of The Galactic Knights. Enjoy the conversation.


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TalkCast 523 – The Middling Affliction & Cthulhu and You


Our first guest is Alex Shvartsman here to talk about his first  book in “The Conradverse”, The Middling Affliction. This book is a kind of interweaving urban fantasy which is based in New  York City and emcompasses mythos, monsters, various religions, the druids and a dash of paranormal organized crime. It’s a great thriller and we get a chance to talk with Alex about a lot of the background behind the book and how it came to be as well as where the series is going.




Our second guest is Uncle Jason Ciaramella,one of the creators and  writer of the C is for Cthulhu project about their current kickstarter, the Cthulhu brouhaha (I have always wanted to say that), how he got into this and turned lovecraftian horror into a children’s cottage industry.



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TalkCast 522 – We’re Going To Talk To This Guy….

In tonight’s ‘Cast, we get a surprise guest and get to spend the time with Mickey Mikkelson, Owner and Operator of Creative Edge Publicity, a company that Sci Fi Saturday Night has forged at strategic alliance with over the past four years. We met Mickey when one of our friends/favorite authors mentioned us to him, he listened to us and the rest is muddied in history. Mickey has brought us a myriad of interesting guests over the years so we though is appropriate to bring out the man behind the curtain and talk to him for a change. Enjoy The chaos.


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What’s Capt. Cam Watching?

Captain Cam is always trying to improve himself.  Of late I have been working on improving my cooking skills and the first place I went to was the Mecca of cooking information, YouTube.  I entered into the search engine ‘cooking videos appropriate for Captain Cam’ and I got the following Dining with Danhausen cooking Hot Pockets’.  It was right about my speed.

Danhausen does a variety of videos but the cooking ones caught my eye.  How to describe Danhausen?  In a blender add every late night horror movie host, a dash of PeeWee Herman, and Simpsons humor and you have Danhausen.  And what better person to learn cooking from then someone whose day job is professional wrestler?  Next is a lesson on making popcorn.

TalkCast 521 – Kwelengsen Storm by David M. Kelly



In this ‘Cast we get to talk with David M. Kelly about a spin off from a series of his Joe Ballen books. The first book in the Logan’s World series (see above) continues on worldbuilding in a near future. The beauty of this is Kelly’s meticulous attention to detail without going into technological detail allowing the story to flow and characters to develop. We had the opportunity to explore his process in depth and talk about his building development. Science in science fiction, when unobtrusively layered, is absolutely wonderful. Enjoy.


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Also #1:

We want to mention our good friend George O’Connor and companies nominations for The Ringo Awards. If you’re so inclined, follow the imbedded link and vote for one great bunch of people who produces one great book!













ALSO #2: 

In an randomly recurring mini-segment we proudly present:


What’s Capt. Cam Watching?

In tonight’s episode, he talks about Alan Moore and “Reading Bad Books”!

TalkCast 520 – Best Use Of A Goblin…Evah!

In this ‘Cast we talk with Richard H. Stephens about his Soul Forge Universe series of books spannings, at this point at least four different series of books, to talk about book one in his latest series Keeper of The Jewel, book one in the Highcliff Guardian Series. According to Richard, this is a series that he never intended to write and it was a happenstance of Covid that gave him the opportunity to write this backstory series of a Queen who will walk the winds of fate.. We spoke with Richard about what it’s like to juggle so many characters throughout so many books over so many timelines over so very many years of work and how much fun it has become to delve into the nuance subtleties of the worlds and kingdoms he had built and had to rebuild along the way. Join us for an interesting conversation about fantasy, fiction and on very unsettled goblin. Enjoy!


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TalkCast 519 – The Spark Behind The Writing of Pat Daily

So, what do we know about Pat Daily? He is an enigma on social media, so hiswebsite mirrors his facebook which mirrors his twitter account and all of which has very minimal background information about him. Here’s what we do know. He is incredibly well read with the Grandmasters of Science Fiction and has liberally “easter egged” them in his first book, Spark. He has a vast real world knowledge in hard science to back up his whimsical enjoyment of fantasy which intertwine so beautifully in this book.There is a sense of character reality in his writing that makes Spark an intriguing and engaging read that keeps you involved from the very first page. Most importantly, Pat is a great conversationalist as we hope this interview will attest to, so grab your snacks and relax.


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TalkCast 518- Dreamforge Magazine And The Dignity Of Humanity

There is a joy in speaking with people who create something that works.  Creating a magazine is tough enough in this day and age and watching it morph into what has become Dreamforge Anvil has been wonderful indeed. In this episode, we again get to spend time with Jane and Scot Noel, the founders and driving force behind the birth and growth of this wonderful endeavor. Over the past 4 years we have watched as they planted the seed on Kickstarter and seen in grow into a multi-national group. Join us for a fun discussion with a great group of people.


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