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The Lost Craig Ferguson – Dr. Who Intro

A few weeks back The Late Late Show on CBS did a Dr. Who episode with Matt Smith. Craig Ferguson , in his usual fashion, has written an opening with dancers, puppets and Daleks, a standard opening for the late night show. Moments before air, it was discovered that the show hasn’t received proper clearance […]

TalkCast 60 – Samantha Boyette

RIP Dino DeLaurentiis Steve Moffat adding sexual tension to Dr. Who Website of the Week: Our Valued Customers. DC Comics claims Monthly’s are dying, Graphic Novels are the key to the future. Obscene and Heard, new game: The Marvel Brothel. Fringe – The Number Stations. The Walking Dead  renewed.  Zombies would clap if their flesh […]

Part 6 of 37 The new season – CBS, when ANYTHING old is new again.

Vampires, ghosties for everyone and something beside a vampire rises’ from the dead

(Steaks don’t kill him either)

Nic St. John reprises the role of Angel, ONLY NOT, only better? The quote to remember, “Being a vampire sucks” What really sucks is being in the Friday night deadzone. Add to this, the cast is filled with OC castoffs and unknowns and one of the producers is Ron Koslow (Birds of Prey – guilty pleasure alert).

Part 5 of 842 – The New Network Season on ABC – Ok There was this caveman, well more of a Neanderthal

Does anyone remember Phil Hartman doing his Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer? And Jim Morrison doesn’t sing Touch Me at all in Pushing Daisies. Note to Barry, consider this for the soundtrack!

Barry Sonnenfeld is a very twisted and funny guy and he has created at Sci-Fi comedy about Ned, a baker, who can briefly resurrect the dead. Now before you hurt yourself laughing at the idea of dead people, remember Sonnenfelds’ track record (Men In Black{forget the sequel}, The Addams family) and Producer/Writer Brian Fuller (Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Heroes). Add to the mix the amazing Swoozie Kurtz and I’m guessing if they can get past 13 weeks they are gonna be solid. This is one I am rooting for.

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