The Lost Craig Ferguson – Dr. Who Intro

A few weeks back The Late Late Show on CBS did a Dr. Who episode with Matt Smith. Craig Ferguson , in his usual fashion, has written an opening with dancers, puppets and Daleks, a standard opening for the late night show. Moments before air, it was discovered that the show hasn’t received proper clearance for the the Dr. Who music. The show aired that evening with a rant from the host, while the cast stood and the audience was stunned. The final thought Ferguson said before going to commercial was, “somebody better put this BLEEPing thing on the interwebs so people can see what fun we really had in store for you…”

Well, here it is…..

As cool as that opening would have been…HERE is how that nights show actually opened:

2 Responses to “The Lost Craig Ferguson – Dr. Who Intro”

  1. RDaneelOlivaw

    Thanks for posting this segment. It was pretty funny, and I rather agree with him about using the sonic screwdriver on the producers.

  2. Intellect and Romance versus Brute Force and Cynicism. FTW!!!!

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