Part 6 of 37 The new season – CBS, when ANYTHING old is new again.

Vampires, ghosties for everyone and something beside a vampire rises’ from the dead

Moonlight(Steaks don’t kill him either)

Nic St. John reprises the role of Angel, ONLY NOT, only better? The quote to remember, “Being a vampire sucks” What really sucks is being in the Friday night deadzone. Add to this, the cast is filled with OC castoffs and unknowns and one of the producers is Ron Koslow (Birds of Prey – guilty pleasure alert).Casting issues:Amber Valetta has left and been replaces with Shannyn Sossaman.Shannon Lucio has left and been replaced by Sophia Myles.Rade Serbedzija has left and been replaced by Jason Dohring. Rumor is that Alex O’Loughlin is staying (he plays Nic)Can anyone tell me who any of these people are without referring to IMDB?

Toast Whisperer: Melinda speaks to invisible breakfast foods to solve nutrition issues plaguing America.

Jericho: Originally tossed off by CBS, viewer outrage (or a bunch of kids who loved it and know how to spam) has given Skeet Ulrich a second chance with the Day After show. Best of luck. If you didn’t see the first season, you’re not alone, but give it a try.Hey, It’s Labor Day Weekend!!!

I’m listening to a CD Called Glass Cuts, and liking it alot. Much like wasabe, it is an aquired taste.

Dome, signing off

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