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Fiction Friday – The Dragonslayer’s Sword

I met Resa Nelson at the Great New England Steampunk Exhibition a few weeks back. Tucked in among the costumed artists and participants were a few writers, some looking apprehensively at the throngs in their various costumes. Sitting at one table was Resa, smiling at people, engaging in casual conversation with ones who stopped. I […]

Nuance – The Art of Subtle Censorship in American Culture

I spent the day of 9-3-11 in Exeter, New Hampshire at their 3rd. Annual UFO Festival along with Illustrator X and The Dead Redhead. Yes, I know, kooks and octogenarians with tin foil hats, right? Well, yes and no. There were copious numbers of the usual suspects:  aged men in suits telling of The Coming […]

Changes are Coming

For the next several weeks our TalkCasts will no longer be live on Saturdays, but actually on Thursdays. We will still have a live chat room on USTREAM on to interact with our guests and the ‘Cast will be posted on Saturday for your listening pleasure. Remember, this is only a test. In case of […]

TalkCast 100 with special guest host Peter Vinton Jr.

Good evening and thanks for looking in on us once again!  Peter Vinton Jr., here, of fame, humbly asked to be your guest host for this wonderful science fiction retrospective on this, the 100th broadcast of Sci Fi Saturday Night! So let’s put our hands together for this amazing group of folks and the […]

The Great New England Steampunk Expo: Part 1

Watch Dome interview Dr. Grymm! For those of you who haven’t listened, Dr. Grymm was one of our guests for Talkcast 99, and we caught up with him at the Great New England Steampunk Exposition. We learned that while it’s fun talking to people in person, we probably need a better mic than the one […]

Fiction Friday – RIP Michael S. Hart

As well you may ask, “Who was Michael Hart and of what importance was he to Fiction Friday?” Mike was the inventor of e-books, founder of Project Gutenberg and a self-professed “Copyfighter”. I have extolled Project Gutenberg many times. It has far reaching implications for electronic publishing and is an invaluable repository of what would […]

What Can The Networks Do For You?

So, it’s about that time. Let’s be surprised and/or disappointed by the genre shows the Big 5 (seriously, 5?) Networks have to offer us for the upcoming Fall Season. As Doctor Who, Torchwood and True Blood come to their seasons’ amazing conclusions, lets take a rapid-fire look at what the networks have in store. Monday […]

TalkCast 99 – SteamPunks & Mystics

Nike Air Mags! Doc Brown pimps an Argentinean Electronics chain. MTV eyes Locke and Key. ABC grabs the pitch for The Last Resort. Joel Courtney (Super 8 ) in the new supernatural thriller The Healer. Our first guest segment is with Steve Perry and Crystal Washington of The Southcoast Paranormal & Psychic Faire, Sept. 25th, […]

Apollo 18: A Review

At the start of the viral marketing campaign for Apollo 18, The Dome pointed out that found footage projects were a cheat in storytelling. While the marketing aspect plays a role in the overall experience of the film, I was curious to see if the film could hold it’s own as a space thriller.

TalkCast 98 – Double Mike Night

Our Guests Tonight: Michael Dougherty and Andrew Marnik talk about the wrap of Browncoats: Redemption and tease their upcoming  projects. Michael Worth star of the SyFy Original Move Jabberwock (and the first vampire killed by Faith on BtVS) talks about the movie and other projects he is currently working on.

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