TalkCast 100 with special guest host Peter Vinton Jr.

Good evening and thanks for looking in on us once again!  Peter Vinton Jr., here, of fame, humbly asked to be your guest host for this wonderful science fiction retrospective on this, the 100th broadcast of Sci Fi Saturday Night!

So let’s put our hands together for this amazing group of folks and the unique way in which they serve up our favorite fandoms, both old and new, every Saturday night.  They’ve had immortals like Ben Bova, Harlan Ellison, L. Neil Smith, and Spider Robinson drop by, and they’ve been gracious enough to also allow not-as-well-known illustrators like yours truly to share some studio time.

SO fire up your time machine of choice –hot tub, DeLorean, police box, or just stand naked in the middle of a ball of electricity –we aren’t fussy.  Let’s step back to the ancient days of February 2006, when Netflix was just getting rolling with that whole “streaming” thing, our iPods were mostly first-generation Shuffles, the Galactica hadn’t yet found Earth, we were still getting used to David Tennant, and we all still adored Shia LeBouf.

Enter Dru Silla, Zombrarian, the Dead Redhead, AwakebyJava, the mysterious Illustrator X, Kriana, and especially The Dome, to share with us a few insights on paving the way for this remarkable journey.

  • Zombrarian talks about Doug Jones.
  • The Dead Redhead talks about Ben Bova.
  • Awake By Java talks about Chris Golden.
  • Illustrator X and the Harlan Ellison Experience.
  • Kriana with Browncoats at the Hellmouth.
  • Dome talks about David Mack and very special segment with Spider Robinson

And so much more!


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