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TalkCast 57 – The Last Man

Our Guest tonight was to be fan favorite Hunter Liguore. At the last moment she was called away and in her place we talked to, Aaron Wilson one of the contributing authors to The Last Man Anthology. Our lineup tonight: Wizard World Roundup and a special interview with Gareb Shamus. Report on the Rock and […]

Getting in Too Deep

Review of BBC’s The Deep Miniseries With the multitude of wonderful series coming out of Britain’s television network, it seems that it would be a given that the recent miniseries focusing on Earth’s inner space would be wonderful as well. Unfortunately that is not the case, and while the 5 episode drama raises some interesting […]

Talkcast 56: TV’s Adam West…

This week the SFSN crew recorded interviews at Wizard World New England. Interview with Doug Jones (Pictured) Interview with Mark Metcalf Interview with Amber Benson Interview with Clare Kramer and Mercedes McNab Tune in next week to hear more interviews! (Including a few minutes with our friend, Gareb Shamus) Comment on this post to win […]

Tale of Two Series: Why They Deserve a Second Look

A month into the new season, and TV shows are falling faster than gerblicks on a Frunetk Patch. Or to put it in other words, Genre TV ratings are sinking back to the same level they have consistently been for the last decade. Is this a bad thing? Well, yes and no. Yes, because (especially if you’re FOX) you demand […]

Authors from my past: Ron Goulart

It dawned on me recently that there are a slew of authors that, though they were well read in my formative years, have since fallen out of favor. It happens, but when it does, we lose part of the rich landscape of our diverse literary heritage. This series is an attempt to bring overlooked authors […]

Scriptease, just as dirty as it sounds…

The British website, SFX has some pretty amazing info for the inner geek. Perhaps one of the most original and funny features is something called Scriptease, in which a TV show’s entire season or a complete run is eviscerated into bite sized gems of hilarity. Past shows they have poked their sharp stick at are […]

Holmes Reboot – Excellent!

For the past few weeks, on our Talkcasts, we have been talking about the BBC re-adaptation of Sherlock Holmes and how awesome it was. Here’s the good news. It debuted in the US last weekend at the New York Comicon to wild enthusiasm. The crowd loved the Steven Moffat special feature discussion about how the […]

Talkcast 55 – Take My Zombie, Please

Our Special Guests: Mark Nelson & Isaac Kennell of Saturday Fright Special Shout out to Comic Art House, Double Midnight Comics and all our friends at New York Comic Con right now! Wizard World is next weekend Events schedule here Ridley Scott is adapting P.K. Dick’s “The Man in the High Castle“ The team that […]

The Two Words I have Always Longed to Say:

Cassandra Peterson God, I love her. She is iconic and more than a … passing fantasy. When the crew toured Spooky World last week, all kept hearing in my minds eyes was her saucy voice, whispering things to me. I miss you Elvira. I miss your haunted hills, I miss your sly comments. And now, […]

Talkcast 54 – Stanton Friedman

We had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Stanton Friedman, and talking about his new book, Science Was Wrong. Find more of Stanton’s books at his Amazon author page. Comment on this post to win a copy of Science was Wrong!

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