The Two Words I have Always Longed to Say:

Cassandra Peterson

God, I love her. She is iconic and more than a … passing fantasy. When the crew toured Spooky World last week, all kept hearing in my minds eyes was her saucy voice, whispering things to me. I miss you Elvira. I miss your haunted hills, I miss your sly comments. And now, I shall miss you no more. In syndication this week in over 100 markets across the ole’ US of A:  Elvira’s Movie Macabre. A full listing of markets and times can be found here(thanks to our friends at Shock till you Drop). When you watch it, check out the theme, written and produced by Jack White, of The White Stripes. My fevered brain can barely contain my rampant enthusiasm for such wonderful viewing and “aural” pleasures and my partner in crime, Illustrator X…well, let’s just say..his tell tale heart is a’ pounding away..

This is the Dome, sayin’: Cassandra, Elvira, be mine. I pledge you my ……….

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