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Abe, I’d like you to meet…Snow White

In a mostly underwhelming summer of film, pockmarked with the occasional Inception and Strutting Leo Internet Meme, there are two blips on the radar that should be of interest to the Sci-Fi and Fantasy community. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Book optioned by Tim Burton (Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride) and Timur Bekmambetov (Night Watch).  Pre-production […]

Waldo Redux

In 1942 Bob Heinlein wrote a novella called Waldo, not as in “where the hell is he”, but more along the lines of a mechanical genius exiled from humanity. The protagonist, Waldo Farnsworth-Jones suffers from Myasthenia Gravis (MG)  and becomes the penultimate inventor devising mechanical devices to overcome the shortcomings of his ravaged body. His […]

Talkcast 53 – Spooky World

Our Guests in this episode: Dirk Manning creator of NIGHTMARE WORLD graphic novel series and Mike “Tattoo” Krausert from Spookyworld, NH. BIG thank you to Mike “Tattoo” Krausert of SpookyWorld/Nightmare New England! In this episode… Proof that God exists — Smallville enters final season. Warehouse 13 outstanding season finale. Stephen Fry as Mycroft Holmes in […]

TERRORTHON returns to Somerville!!

I’m telling you, New England has become a modern-day mecca for horror hounds!  I mean, we’re already the home turf for SpookyWorld/Nightmare New England (and yes, Sci Fi Saturday Night will be there this Saturday Sept.25th just prior to showtime — will we see you?).  We’ve got local scary celebs like Stephen King, Joe Hill, […]

Letting My Geek Flag Fly

Sure, I ain’t no Mickey Mantle, didn’t hit no 3 zillion home runs, BUT I do know the proper way to defrag a hard drive and have watched every frackin’ episode of Wondefalls. In celebration of ME and every other less than perfect physical specimen among us who ever attended an LAN party, played an […]

TalkCast 52 – When Ray Bradbury Gets Some…

Browncoats Redemption I GOT MINE! Get your here. Happy Birthday Shadonda. Genddy Tartakovsky returns with Sym-Bionic Titan! Complete guide to Fall Season of Sci Fi part. 2 (via blasrtr) Night of the Living Trekkies (via Geeks of Doom) Edward James Olmos doing graphic novel sequel to BSG (via blastr) Neil Gaiman to be a “furry” […]

Thanks to Pharyngula for putting this in front of my eyeballs. Smell like an ancient terrifying GOD! “Brain in a Jar”!

The Space Catapult, rev.II

Those of you old enough or literate enough to remember Heinlein’s The Moon Is a  Harsh Mistress will be familiar with the concept of a space catapult to inject objects into low earth orbit from both selected areas on Earth and the Moon. Mike Holmes and Manny Kelley worked out the logistics many years before […]

Bow before Wesley Crusher’s Bouffant

A couple of days ago, Wil Wheaton shared a tribute to Wesley Crusher’s amazing hair on his blog. As a public service, I feel compelled to share it with you. And if you don’t like it – I’m gonna have to cut a bitch. That’s right – Will Motherfucking Riker.

To Boldly Die…………

Geekdom knows no boundaries. Yes, I have a Bajoran earring, a Harley Quinn Barbie Doll and the entire series of Models, Inc. the comic. As I said, geekdom knows no boundaries, but I do believe I have reached mine with this. Eternal Image offers the Trek geek the empowerment of being buried in a Trek […]

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