TalkCast 52 – When Ray Bradbury Gets Some…

Browncoats Redemption I GOT MINE! Get your here.
Happy Birthday Shadonda.
Genddy Tartakovsky returns with Sym-Bionic Titan!
Complete guide to Fall Season of Sci Fi part. 2 (via blasrtr)
Night of the Living Trekkies (via Geeks of Doom)

Edward James Olmos doing graphic novel sequel to BSG (via blastr)

Neil Gaiman to be a “furry” on Arthur (via comicsbeat)
Those HOT HOT HOT pics of Karen Gillian!(are fake)Video games proven to improve life.

Our Interview with Rachel Bloom.

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6 Responses to “TalkCast 52 – When Ray Bradbury Gets Some…”

  1. cyncyn

    Is this title as good as Farenheit?

  2. Witchy Poo

    You guys should try and get Ray Bradbury on to promote Juggernaut when it comes out. That would be interesting.

  3. (I think she means the anthology that’s coming out soon… Rachel mentioned it.)

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