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A (Partial) Robert A. Heinlein Reading Primer

” Robert Heinlein ” Oil on Panel © 2009 Donato Giancola Recently I put together a reading list of Robert Heinlein’s books for one of the other contributors to SFSN. He didn’t realize that many were thematically related, and that there was a “best” order in which to read them, which I pointed out. He […]

Waldo Redux

In 1942 Bob Heinlein wrote a novella called Waldo, not as in “where the hell is he”, but more along the lines of a mechanical genius exiled from humanity. The protagonist, Waldo Farnsworth-Jones suffers from Myasthenia Gravis (MG)  and becomes the penultimate inventor devising mechanical devices to overcome the shortcomings of his ravaged body. His […]

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