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The best Christmas list ever

This Christmas list was discovered by one of our listeners amidst a sea of torn wrapping paper and candy-colored ribbons in front of their Christmas tree yesterday morning.  We at Sci-Fi Saturday Night have chosen to reprint this list “as is”, and hope that the author got at least one present he asked for —– […]

Trivia for 12.26.2009

Question: What was your biggest Sci-Fi Disappointment this year? (answer in the comments) Prizes Darth Vader doll Buddy Christ Action Figure Sky Pirates Xmas Loot

Talkcast 11: A very special interview with Tamara Rogers

Tamara Rogers is a talented photographer who was lucky enough to be asked to do a shot for the cover of Alan Moore’s new magazine, ‘Dodgem Logic‘. You can see Tamara’s work at:

Talkcast 10

X’s comic Roundup: — Frazetta museum robberies Link one Link two — DC’s upcoming Earth One line — Bruce Wayne returning to DC; not dead after all… Dome’s Books for Xmas — Curse of the Were-Woman — The View From The Bridge by Nick Meyer — The Secret History of Science Fiction Kriana’s quick picks — Muppetstudio on Youtube — Cupid on hulu […]

Incorruptible? Unreadable…

So the hot book of the week was Incorruptible, a BOOM! Studios comic from Mark Waid and Jean Diaz.  I say it’s the “hot” book, because my local comic store owner was touting it as such and another customer almost thrust it into my hands, surprised that I hadn’t leapt over the counter and torn […]

Trivia for 12.19.09

Answer tonight’s question in the comments: What was the title of the book used as the basis for the movie Bladerunner? to win a gorgeous colored pencil piece by Peter Vinton Jr. entitled ‘No biggie… it’s only your SOUL”.

Trivia for 12.12.2009

Answer this question in the comments to win a signed copy of Marooned on Mogo and an art card from Frankie B Washington. Our “good friends” at Fox Television are about to put up a new Science Fiction series in January, based on a comic. What is the name ?

Talkcast #9

This week, we talked about: Fringe, Sanctuary, Dr. Who (The End of Time), and Movie Moon: pros and cons. Christmas shopping for your favorite Geek. (Disclaimer: All of these retailers are e-stores. Geeks don’t do brick and mortar in 2009) Cool Stuff: This is like the Sky Mall of Geek toy stores. Mostly filled with […]

Science Fiction – Science Fact: The Sub Orbital Zero Sum Game

The time is fast approaching when civilians will be flying in the upper atmosphere as the first Space Tourists. Yes, those same touristas you saw in Mexico, sunburned like lobsters wearing Bermuda Shorts and “I went to Mexico and all I got was this lousy Tee Shirt” shirts, will soon be the new Elroy Jetsons. […]

Alan Moore and the Pipes of Doom, or “Beware! It Sings”!

As you’ve probably heard, Alan Moore has taken yet another break from his perpetually-forthcoming treatise on magick (and yes, that is actually spelled right, look it up) to release his own magazine, Dodgem Logic.  This magazine not only contains comics by the esteemed Mr. Moore, but also artwork from his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen collaborator […]

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