Talkcast #9

This week, we talked about:

Fringe, Sanctuary, Dr. Who (The End of Time), and Movie Moon: pros and cons.

Christmas shopping for your favorite Geek. (Disclaimer: All of these retailers are e-stores. Geeks don’t do brick and mortar in 2009)

Cool Stuff:

This is like the Sky Mall of Geek toy stores. Mostly filled with useless crap but every once in a while you find something you just can’t live without.

A Bone Collection Flash Drive

Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide

This store is much more well marketed than any others. They know who their demographic is and how to connect with them. If you can’t find something for your Geek here, you’re probably out of luck.


Bacteria Growth Science Kit

Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

20 Sided Fuzzy Dice Danglers

Not Cool Stuff:


– locked down with DRM

– limited selection of books, and what there is are ridiculously priced

-Nook does not currently let you use giftcards

We also had special guest Frankie B Washington (illustrator of Marooned on Mogo, a children’s book based around a band of children stranded on a strange planet) who discusses his new book, as well as art-cards as an affordable way of collecting your favorite artists.

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