Trivia for 12.12.2009

Answer this question in the comments to win a signed copy of Marooned on Mogo and an art card from Frankie B Washington.

Our “good friends” at Fox Television are about to put up a new Science Fiction series in January, based on a comic. What is the name ?

Marooned on Mogo

3 Responses to “Trivia for 12.12.2009”

  1. mkinson

    The Human Target.

    Created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino about a bodyguard/private detective.

    Looks interesting, I’ll be reviewing the comics if I’m able to find them.

  2. mkinson

    So I was able to find copies of all the Human Target comics.. He’s got quite the past, appearing as far bas as 1972’s Action Comics (419) with Superman, and then later in the Detective Comics (483) with my personal DC favorite.

    Whoever took up the task of giving him his own comic in the has an incredible cover artist. I cant wait to read the stories to see what this Hero? is all about.

  3. mkinson

    Oh, and to answer my own question.. Peter Milligan and then various partners.. but I was really going for whoever the cover artist is.. I’m loving it.

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