Trivia for 12.26.2009

What was your biggest Sci-Fi Disappointment this year?
(answer in the comments)


Darth Vader doll
Buddy Christ Action Figure
Sky Pirates Xmas Loot

3 Responses to “Trivia for 12.26.2009”

  1. Dru

    can twilight be described as anything but a Disappointment

  2. mkinson

    How about Dragonball.. as if the cartoon wasnt bad enough, they went and made a live action movie on it? And what’s worse? Oh, that’s right… the acting. Overall, just horrible.

  3. Although this year gave us such disasters as Transformers 2 and GI Joe, the disappointment of the year has to go to the last ten minutes of the animated film 9. I say disappointment because this was a creepy, atmospheric film that breathed new life into the tired sci-fi cliche of te “post-apocalyptic world” genre; however, the ending seemed like a pat, studio-decision cop-out to wrap everything up with a happy ending. Didn’t work for the Golden Compass film, doesn’t work here now. At least with Transformers, you knew this was going to be a godawful wreck — 9 built up our expectations and crushed them at the last minute. Disappointing.

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