The best Christmas list ever

This Christmas list was discovered by one of our listeners amidst a sea of torn wrapping paper and candy-colored ribbons in front of their Christmas tree yesterday morning.  We at Sci-Fi Saturday Night have chosen to reprint this list “as is”, and hope that the author got at least one present he asked for —– if not a thesaurus.  Enjoy:

1. A alien from Mars that comes with its own food, and is prapared to live with me.
2.  A dinosaur that I can make from scratch, and fusion breed it to my likeing.
3.  A dimention portal, so I can jump dimention to dimention.
4.  A air dome that has a divighteer [divider] so half of it is a dinosaur jungle, and half of it is a martian land scape.
5.  A micro scope that can see 100,000,000,000,000,000 times smaller.
6.  A packet to make one celled orgazizams, protazoas, adams [atoms], and germs.
7.  A UFO detector.
8.  A alien voice translater just in case I can’t remember how to talk to my alien.
9.  Alien money.
10.  A personal jet.

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