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Glamourpuss targets an audience of zero

My local comic store owner was kind enough to lend me his dealer’s copy of the upcoming Glamourpuss #1, the latest release from the fertile imagination of Dave Sim. Gotta tellya folks, this is exactly what he warned us he’d be doing —- amazing drawings of women alongside whatever stream-of-consciousness happened to pop up in […]

Media Newspeak or He, Who Smelt It, Dealt It.

 The Orwellian nightmare that began for us with the “Mission Accomplished” banner now asserts it’s evil snout into our little niche of the blogosphere. Television, as a main source of sustenance for us, is finding itself at a crossroads: accepted rules of engagement no longer apply, what made sense no longer does and here we […]

Welcome Back Eliza

Joss Whedon’s Buffy, The Vampire Slayer has given the  viewing public some wonderful stories and within them some beautifully amazing babes who can act, Alyson Hannigan, Amber Benson (I still love you, call me), Juliet Landau, Charisma Carpenter, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Michelle Trachtenberg, Emma Caulfield and my perennial bad girl Eliza Dushku. Aside from her on Buffy and Angel, […]

Hey, NBC Has An Idea! (just not a good one)

The WGA Writers Strike has had many consequences, many intended, some completely unintended. To understand what one of the MAJOR unintended consequences is, we have to take you, the home viewer, into the murky backrooms of how stuff gets on TV. From the time a writer gets an idea to the time a pilot is […]

An Open Letter To Stephen Gould and Michael Knight

Dear Mr. Gould, I had read you novel, Jumper, years ago and loved Davie Rice and the challenges placed in his way and how he coped with them. The novel was a complex study of current politics and a single persons solution to it.. The CIA playing cops of the world and vigilante justice sci […]

Mod madness! JFK-a-Go-Go!!

Hey hey!  Illustrator X here with news of the best single issue to come out in 2008!  Yeah yeah; it’s only been a few weeks, but I doubt there’ll be anything to top this.  I refer to the Teen Titans “Lost Annual” — the best superhero story I have read in ages.  This is one of […]

Meet the new boss… same as the old boss…

One thing I’ve noticed about comics is that they keep modernizing characters so that they’ll appeal to current readers. DC revamped their entire universe of stories back in the 1980s’s, and have made a fine tradition of it ever since. Hell, right now they’re so magnanimous they’re saying that there are officially 52 “universes”, although […]

Eli Stone- Too many smarmy ideas come to mind for this title

The Particulars: ABC Johnny Lee Miller         Eli Stone Natasha Henstridge      The Girfriend/daughter of the boss Matt Letsher                 Eli’s brother, the convenient Neurosurgeon. OK, so I’m watching the première of Eli Stone, and I have a few questions.  

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