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TalkCast 75 – Even Cats Love Sci Fi!

A big hello to the Browncoats Redemption Crew and producer Director Mike Dougherty at SXSW in Austin Texas. Zombies vs. Vampires on TVs Deadliest Warrior!! More Avatar! The good one! The Cape Finale only on-line, the episode is here. Super 8. Here’s the trailer. Supernatural…anyone watching? No, they’re all watching Fringe. E-Book DRM controversy escalates. […]

Hey, NBC Has An Idea! (just not a good one)

The WGA Writers Strike has had many consequences, many intended, some completely unintended. To understand what one of the MAJOR unintended consequences is, we have to take you, the home viewer, into the murky backrooms of how stuff gets on TV. From the time a writer gets an idea to the time a pilot is […]

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