An Open Letter To Stephen Gould and Michael Knight

Dear Mr. Gould,

I had read you novel, Jumper, years ago and loved Davie Rice and the challenges placed in his way and how he coped with them. The novel was a complex study of current politics and a single persons solution to it.. The CIA playing cops of the world and vigilante justice sci fi style had me transfixed. I remember saying to myself that this would be one hell of a good movie.


Fast forward to 6 months ago, when word of mouth began to bubble up about Jumper. I was more than pleased after seeing things like I, Robot turn to garbage. So, a few weks ago, I was in my local book emporium when I came across an updated reprint of Jumper and its companion, Griffin’s Story. I scoffed em up to do a refresh, the original having been long warn out after multiple reading over numerous reading. So as I began my reacquaintance with Davie Rice and his odyssey, I came across a note in the beginning of both books.


            “…Jumper and Reflex are the basis for the upcoming….. movie to be released in early 2008. Like most novel-to-movie projects, the story’s events and circumstances mutate through the process of adaptation….”


Damning a project with faint praise, while still retaining ownership is honorable, but a damn shame. After watching the moves I can honestly say Dave Rice is gone. The basic  questions asked about humanity, government and society are gone. Millie is a shadow of her former beauty and……………I could go on. I should go on but I won’t. You warned me in your book reprints, and I naively hoped for the best anyway. This is not your story, these are not your characters and this is not what you first envisioned. I should have listened to you. I cannot encourage you to go see this movie. What I can encourage you all to do is read….. wait….I SAID READ the original novel. It kicks ass.


BTW, Knight Rider sux

Dome, pissed and wanting more now that the writers strike is over.

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