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I am Number Four

About a month ago I listened to the audio book of I am Number Four, and I rented the movie last night. Usually I don’t like to read a book and watch the movie so close together, but I did this time for comparison purposes. Let’s just say I feel like this movie should have […]

The Summer of Our Contentedness

  Move over Shakespeare and Steinbeck, after a discontent winter (can anyone say, “Skyline”?), we are quickly approaching what has all the trappings of being a dynamic summer of Sci Fi Movies. Yet both the media and blogosphere are abuzz with general  suck y attitudes, fanboy complainers, and bad vibes aplenty. Well, Dome is here […]

Take That, World. It’s Captain AMERICA!

You know, when Captain America is released in Europe and Asia, the title will be changed to reflect a new political correctness of  ridiculous proportions. So, this guy on YouTube redid the trailer. It’s not safe for work or young minds. It’s funny in the way that we now believe that we have to bend […]

Sucker Punch Movie Review

Have you ever been sucker punched? Basically, you never see it coming, it’s a sudden pain you were not expecting, and afterwards you are left confused and wondering where the hell it came from, and more importantly, WHY. Zack Snyder’s first original story for the big screen left me feeling the same way.

A Firefly Movement We Can All Get Behind

There has been a lot of drama and controversy surrounding the Firefly ‘verse lately regarding who will or will not win the lottery and start it up again. These people are missing out. Firefly is alive and well, not only in the hearts of it’s fans, but also with the new(ish) independent film: Browncoats: Redemption. […]

The “Found Footage”™ Phenomenon Continues

The unofficial beginning of  the ‘found film” project was a devastatingly bad film called Cannibal Holocaust, a 1980 disasterpiece. Ever since the odd hit film The Blair Witch Project thrust this genre into the forefront, found film movies were somewhat of a stepchild in storytelling. It was considered a cheat somehow. I agree, it kind […]

The Tone Poems Of Philip K Dick

What makes the collective work of PDK mesmerizing, inaccessible, and at the same time almost addictively taunting in the world of film? When taken as an individual work, each of PKD’s stories becomes a nightmare to reproduce in any way faithfully and effectively on the screen, be it large or small. Whatever triumph the end […]

Horror Hand in Hand With Humor

Repo! The Genetic Opera is the answer to High School Musical for sci-fi and horror geeks. For Darren Lynn Bousman, who directed many of the over-the-top Saw movies, Repo!’s morbidity is fairly tolerable: For every instance of gore there’s another of comedy, wrapped up in sing-along punk/cabaret lyric and dance. The opening theme song’s only […]


Title:  THE MASKED GIRL (2006) Format: DVD As far as I can tell, this is the pilot for a phenomenally bad TV show.  Don’t take my word for it — here’s the description from the back of the DVD, verbatim: “Brilliant sporty girls strangely vanished… In fact, they became captives of a horror organization: The […]

Luke-san, I Am Your Father

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present for your information and edification, UltraMan Zero, The Movie. In Japanese, with no subtitles….as it should be, this is why they do this best. Relax, crack open a Sapporo and enjoy.

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