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Welcome to my Nightmare New England

When the leaves change color and you can finally get a pumpkin spice latte, it can only mean one thing — the return of SPOOKY WORLD!!! Sci Fi Saturday Night will be interviewing the staff and reviewing the rides and haunted houses in a special horror-themed episode on September 25th, including an exclusive interview with […]

Ten Things I Learned at Rifftrax:

1. I need to issue a formal apology to Kriana. She did not have really bad B.O. The guy behind me was just smoking the skunkiest weed in the history of the Earth. Seriously dude, it’s your life, but you should be aware that there’s pot out there that won’t make the people around you […]

DC Doing It Right – Batman: Under The Red Hood

As Marvel makes its mark in moves with big budget extravaganzas, DC has been very quietly putting out some amazing quality animated feature with some of the finest voice acting and scripts around. The latest in this series is Batman: Under The Red Hood. The animation is quietly above par, giving a rich texture to […]

Spidey Resurrection or Broadway Turns Dark…..Again

Everything old is new again. Everything done is redone. Everything thrown into the dustbin comes back as a collectible. Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark after many false starts, miss-steps and hiccups is set to open on Broadway in previews on November 12, 2010 at The Foxwoods Theatre (formerly the Hilton Theatre). Directed by Julie Taymor […]

Our New Look and …. why am I not in San Diego?

Without much fanfare, we’d like to welcome the completely spiffified look of Sci-Fi Saturday Night! As we have grown in the past year, it became clear to the entire staff that the time had come for a change. Over the next few months we are gonna be rolling out a bunch of new changes (because […]

Farewell Jeanne

In all the time I have written here, this is perhaps the most difficult post I have ever done. This afternoon Jeanne Robinson, gifted author, dancer and wife of Spider Robinson died. We here at SFSN had a chance to speak with Spider and Jeanne last month and were deeply affected by the love and […]

Charity Auction for Jeanne Robinson

Edit 5.8.2010 Bid on our items now at: Dream for Jeanne Auctions Edit 4.28.2010 Added the 25th item, DJ Sucklord’s CD. Edit 4.23.2010:  If you would like to add a link on your site to this post in order to help promote the auction, you can use this code: <a href=”″ target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”” /></a> which […]

Thank you Boston Comic Con artists!

A big, BIG thank-you from all of us at Sci Fi Saturday Night to all the artists who generously took the time out of their packed schedules to contribute to our Jeanne Robinson charity jam sketches!  Thanks also to all of you who donated original artwork, prints, posters, and well-wishes to our fundraiser.  The outpouring […]

Large Con, Small Con

This last Sunday the entire crew was in Nashua, New Hampshire for GraniteCon. It was a cozy con for collectors, gamers, and fans with many local artists in attendance. At the same time we are gearing up for Boston ComiCon, one of the largest, most well attended cons in New England. Modesty forbids me from […]

Comming Attractions!

1/30/10     Jess Hartley – White Wolf Games 2/6/10       Philip K Dick Special featuring David Mack 2/13/10     Scott Wegener – Atomic Robo 2/20/10     Bill MacKenty Join us live at 8:00pm or catch the Podpeat on our website or on iTunes.

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