Large Con, Small Con

This last Sunday the entire crew was in Nashua, New Hampshire for GraniteCon. It was a cozy con for collectors, gamers, and fans with many local artists in attendance. At the same time we are gearing up for Boston ComiCon, one of the largest, most well attended cons in New England. Modesty forbids me from saying we are the official podcast of Boston ComiCon, so I won’t.

Our planning and organization are very different for each event. I guess the point I am making is that there is a lot to be said for smaller local conventions, they have a lot to offer and you won’t have the crushing crowds you get at a major city event. I got the chance to converse in a very relaxed atmosphere with fans of Sci Fi Saturday Night. That was a real plus for me personally. Getting first hand feedback about what our listeners do and don’t like is great, and at a larger con it is never quite so easy for a myriad of reasons.

I also got a chance to see artists interact with fans. That was really cool. Watching artists smiling and talking with fans and fans getting some real time with artists they like is a win for both. There was a Gaming Room next door, but the dividing wall kept the roar of the Thunderdome down to a minimum. I did wander in for a moment and quickly regained my senses and left; better for the gamers to fight over their point cards, since I was lost anyway.

I want to thank Double Midnight Comics of Manchester New Hampshire for extending the invitation for us to participate. I want to thank the artists who are working on a “Special Project” with us which will be announced shortly. I want to also extend thanks to our fans that came out and said some very kind things to us. You guys are the reason we keep doing this.

This is Dome, sayin: Thanks Everyone…and there are some very very interesting things to come!

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