DC Doing It Right – Batman: Under The Red Hood

As Marvel makes its mark in moves with big budget extravaganzas, DC has been very quietly putting out some amazing quality animated feature with some of the finest voice acting and scripts around. The latest in this series is Batman: Under The Red Hood.

The animation is quietly above par, giving a rich texture to the grimy underside of Gotham City and the rest of the Batman universe. Vaguely visually reminiscent of the many different comic incarnations, Batman comes across as a stunning, stark night creature, much more like a movie than a cartoon. When added to the rich voice characterizations and the very good score/soundtrack, this is a fun ride and frankly, you can’t ask a whole lot more from a super hero movie than that. That a review of a cartoon mentions the director is kinda funny, BUT the cut and feel of this is really good.

Directed by: Brandon Veitti

Written by: Judd Winnick

Voice Casting includes: Bruce Greenwood, Neil Patrick Harris, Gary Cole and Kelly Hu. Insane props to John DiMaggio as The Joker.

This is Dome, sayin: No spoilers……… but…..the last 10 minutes is…as The Joker says….”to die for!”

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