Why Is Jeanne Kietzmann Staring At You?

Ah, look at that beautifully pensive woman and in your heart you know it can only mean one thing; The BBC has a new Sci Fi drama coming out in the fall, doesn’t it? YES! IT DOES! Meet The Outcasts, an 8 part mini-series for the Beeb. Since the unprecedented world-wide response to Doctor Who, there has been a quiet rush within the BBC to bring new series like this up, and if they keep the same quality, this should be a goodie, indeed.

Staring Liam Cunninghanm, Amy Manson, Jamie Bamber and the aforementioned Jeanne Kietzmann, the storyline is an oldie but goodie (see other images here via Den of Geek). Think Earth 2, without the baggage that series brought along. What makes this interesting is the BBC way of doing this as a limited run. Notwithstanding the fact that a cross cast of British and American actors, Genre and General Actors, makes the mix mighty interesting, and then there’s Jeanne Kietzmann.

This is Dome, sayin’: Yeah, this is one I think I am really gonna look forward to…and then, there’s Jeanne Kietzmann.

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