Our New Look and …. why am I not in San Diego?

Without much fanfare, we’d like to welcome the completely spiffified look of Sci-Fi Saturday Night! As we have grown in the past year, it became clear to the entire staff that the time had come for a change. Over the next few months we are gonna be rolling out a bunch of new changes (because old changes would be redundant, no?)

And now for something completely different. I’m sitting here in my cube, diligently working on this post instead of my day job and wondering, how come I’m not in San Diego. This week is ComiCon.  For those of you lucky enough to be going as I slave away, I am totally jonesing for a Heather Morris Autograph Card, and am so jealous of our friends at Browncoats Redemption and Airlock Alpha, but enough about me. This year proves to be the most diverse yet with a slew of companies, from Hallmark to Toynami, exhibiting. The panels are more diverse than ever. On Thurday alone, DC Comics Writers Unite features J. Michael Straczynski. Then go see  Tron: Legacy and and then Bruce Campbell is in a panel for USA Networks Burn Notice. I am amazed at the depth of experience going on and dismayed that I am stuck in Area 51 once again.

This is Dome sayin’: Next year in San Diego…….’cept I said that last year, already.

2 Responses to “Our New Look and …. why am I not in San Diego?”

  1. The changes aren’t done yet! I just forgot to change it back after I spiffified the top. Is spiffified a word?

    New enhancements on the way!

  2. Not to correct anyone, Kriana, but that would be “MORE” enhancements on the way, and the new look is awesome.

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