R.I.P. Talkshoe

In a few short hours the next episode of Sci-Fi Saturday Night will be recorded live – on uStream. After much deliberation, hemming and hawing, and dare I say, curmudeoning, we have decided to cease broadcasting over TalkShoe.

There are a couple of reasons for this, the most major being the quality of the show. Talkshoe users experienced longer than normal lag, and consistent boots from the servers. This does not make for a good SFSN experience.

The main reason we began using Talkshoe in the first place was so that we could have guests call in. At our talkcast inception, this was important to us. Times have changed however, numerous guests have complained about the charges arising from making a long distance call to the Pittsburgh area, and rather than giving the sometimes less technically savvy guests complicated instructions for how to log in over the phone, it’s much easier to just call them ourselves.

Another main feature we used from Talkshoe was the chatroom. After some careful consideration I’ve decided since we’re removing Talkshoe, to also remove our mibbit IRC channel. However as a replacement for those two rooms, I’ve turned on the chatroom within uStream. Think of this not as a removal, but a consolidation.

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